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Marketing coaching and consulting

Our History

When we created onCOREventures almost five years ago, this is how we got stated our background:

onCOREventures founder Frederick Geiger is leveraging the decades of skills honed in the fast-paced information systems business environment to guide his clients through professional and personal transformations. The following words best describe him to his colleagues, clients and friends: Expert, visionary, creator, truth-teller and believer. Sounds like fine elements in a coach, right? Frederick’s a natural leader – creates a vision, assembles a team takes charge, assigns tasks – measures progress. In the business world, he used these leadership skills to guide departments; in the coaching world, he applies those skills for the benefit of his clients. All lives are more than just careers, and Frederick is a life long award winning photographer, expert in seeing what others do not always see.”

The Coaching Process

According to the core belief of the International Coach Federation, the coaching process uses empowering questions, active listening and assignments for clients to understand where they need to go and how they need to get there.  The coach is a witness and facilitator to the process.   We found that the coaching process and Frederick’s business experience and take charge attitude as described above were not always in agreement.  We kept hearing what should I do?  What do you think?  How can I solve this problem?  This became especially true in the area of marketing – either in the creation of marketing approaches for our clients that wanted to launch a business – or – in working with businesses already in existence.

The Advising and Consulting Process

So clients wanted answers and direction.  And we started to research ways of delivering those answers in the area of marketing especially and discovered Duct Tape Marketing which offers a methodology for small business owners or people starting a business. Frederick became certified in the methodology and we are now offering the solutions and packages that you see on this site.

Our Direction forward

To launch this effort we have to create our own implementation plan for what we are offering:

  • onCOREventures is a digital marketing services company working with small businesses primarily located in Pittsburgh PA.
  • we offer both marketing coaching to help the smallest companies get started
  • we offer marketing consulting and fulfillment services including website design and construction, copy writing, SEO, social media, local reputation management, PPC

Our Business Approach

We were born out of networking in Pittsburgh and working with small businesses in the area, especially with businesses that have participated with BNI in western Pennsylvania.  We function in the implementation of projects as the quarterback.  Our value add is the clarity and vision creation of all engagements.  Once we lock in the vision, we bring in others to do the implementation and we make sure that they get the things they need to be successful by quarterbacking the project implementation.

Marketing today requires lots of specific skill sets in the creative and technology areas.  Out founder has always been able to translate requirements of business people into geek speak and vice versa.  So, one we have the business requirements understood we make sure we source the right people for each phase of the job.

To do this, we use both physical resources here in the Pittsburgh area that are specialists in the various aspects of digital marketing like SEO, social media, PPC, and the like.  We also use extended resources around the US from our relationship with the Duct Tape Marketing network.  These include advanced websites, copywriting, ad campaign management (PPC) and the use of lots of tools for research and implementation.

We augment that with specialized professionals as needed to grow with us as we expand.  We are currently using part time marketing assistance, copywriting and web technical expertise, even though lots of times we outsource those for our clients or recommend that they do. We do this when the options in the market are better for our clients.  This is especially the case for our marketing coaching clients, who are more hands on in their business implementation.

Marketing coaching and consulting

Regardless of whether you hire us to for marketing coaching or consulting – we take a coach approach to our clients – we ALWAYS put their interest first in the section of the implementation mechanism for them. For example, we have a partner who uses a one stop shop to host his website and he asked if he should move it to WordPress which is what we use and are our familiar with.  Our answer was to figure out how he fixes his SEO issues with the site and the speed issues with the site and if he can do so, leave it where it is.  We are always looking to solve the real problem not the imagined one. However, since we do not understand the integrated environment he uses, we pointed him to a resource that did understand his particular hosting environment to help him.  And if need be we will translate for the two parties.

Our Vision

onCOREventures is a boutique full service marketing agency that specializes in helping professionals launch and operate socially responsible and highly profitable businesses using the principals that have been articulated in movements like BALLE  (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) and Conscious Capitalism. Most of our clients discovered their vision for their firms through our vision discovery coaching offerings and then used our marketing coaching and consulting to launch, grow and expand those businesses. 

We use resources that are hands on professionals who share a passion for helping others.  They also are committed to the life-long learning attitude our founder.  We are now, in 2022 located in offices in the East End of Pittsburgh and have twenty intergenerational associates working in a cooperative and collaborative fashion.  We augment our staff as we have from the beginning with referral partners and outsource providers that we subcontract or partner with to deliver a full solution to our clients.

We are one-third of the way toward our goal of 1000 new businesses and we are proud of the impact that these new ventures are having on communities across the United States.