search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing – SEO – PPC

How to Get More Clients Through SEO and Search Engine Marketing

Did you know that, for some businesses, over 60% of your traffic comes from search engines?

From our years of experience in helping small businesses to attract more clients, we’ve concluded that any effective marketing strategy requires the use of both pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization to help people find your website.

For many advertisers, search marketers and business owners, ranking high enough in the search results that their customers are likely to notice them is easier said than done.

The competition for positions near the top of search engine results, especially the coveted spots in Google’s “snack pack”, can be very stiff. This is a significant concern because only 5% of web traffic makes it past the first page of Google.

Not only do most industries have multiple legitimate companies vying for the same clients, but there are also unscrupulous companies that manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns on shadow sites that draw traffic away from your primary website, and that will retain ownership of any phone numbers or domains they provide you with.

With these obstacles standing between you and the customers who need you, how can you help those customers find you, and get them to click on your site instead of your competitors’?

In this article, I’ll give you some strategies you can use to make your business easier to find and to turn more of your website visitors into paying clients.

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referral partnerships

Strategic Referral Partnerships

Ten Elements You Need to Create Strategic Referral Partnerships

Referral Partnerships – when I was running product management for a software company the first thing I tried to do when launching a new product was fill in the missing features of our solution through the creation of strategic partnerships. In my five years of coaching and working with small business owners, both through my own business and in my capacity as the area director of Western PA’s region of BNI, I’ve met many entrepreneurs who tried and failed to grow their business through networking organizations.

They thought all they had to do was meet a new referral partner, exchange a few emails and phone calls, and make sure the other person knew who their ideal client was and how to make the introduction, and referrals would start pouring in.

If you’ve tried this strategy, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t work. You’ve likely spent hours attending networking events, having conversations, and doing follow-ups, and received little or no return on your investment.

In this article, I’ll explain why that happens, and what you can do to break that pattern and start getting more clients from your networking efforts.

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Why you need Local SEO Now

Local SEO

Local SEO- You keep hearing about it. You’ve read the articles telling you it’s important. You may have even read the many list posts telling you what to do to start excelling with local search.

But what about the why?

Why exactly is local search engine marketing important? And how does it differ from traditional SEO and search engine marketing?

In addition, what are the actual factors that contribute to local SEO success?

As we move forward, we’re going to answer these questions and put you on the path to dominating localized search.

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local reviews

Google Local Guide for local reviews

Got Local Reviews?

Local reviews – I just received an email from Google, because on occasion, I have written reviews for the locations that I have visited.  Google suggested that I install a widget on my iPhone – yes they know I have an iPhone.  And since I have been writing about local reviews and speaking about it, I decided to download and install the widget. As a marketing consultant, I work with clients to get more local reviews on their website and social media and Google my Business.  Guess what, it just got easier. Whether you want the review or not.  Now, everyone can be a secret shopper or food critic.

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Reputation management

Reputation Managment – own page one of Google

Page One on Google Is Your New Business Card

Reputation Management – Do a search for your name, your company name, your product or service names. Whatever you find on page one on the Google first page of search engine results amounts to how your potential customers see you online.

See, it doesn’t matter if your best client tells their best friend you are the most awesome thing since people started using the word awesome – If they Google you what they see on page one is how they see your firm

Controlling what people find when they search is a branch of marketing that is commonly referred to today as reputation management.  This is also referred to as Local presence management.

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conscious capitalism

What is Conscious Capitalism, and How Can It Help You Grow Your Business?

Conscious Capitalism Traits – what are they?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a very long blog post on the shifts that we need to make to implement conscious capitalism – but what does conscious capitalism look like?

For many people, including potential customers, the business world can seem callous and predatory. The term “selling something” has taken on very negative connotations, and corporations are often seen as corrupt, unfeeling giants that are prepared to step on their customers and competitors alike for the sake of the bottom line.

Upon being given a sales pitch by a speaker in a business event, we’re often expected to show our courage and dedication by rushing to the back of the room to buy something we may or may not need, lest we reveal ourselves as cowards who aren’t truly serious about our business.

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Conscious Marketing

Conscious Marketing – the path to More Loyal Clients

Conscious marketing – although this week I saw it promoted as Millennial Marketing – is all about using transparency, authenticity and a spirit of cooperation to attract clients or customers that are looking for win-win relationships with your firm.  Why is the featured image that of a peaceful man meditating?  If you need to ask, then this blog is not for you.

If you’ve spoken to even a few people who have recently been marketed to by the average company, you’ve probably started to realize that marketing is broken – that is so far from being conscious (or authentic) – you wonder what people are thinking when they come up wth these programs.

People feel pressured, harassed and annoyed, and are sometimes pushed into making decisions that they later regret. This harms the clients’ well-being, their relationship with the company that made the sale, and sometimes the company’s reputation.

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Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism – The Shift that we need to make

Conscious Capitalism

Five years ago, when I created my coaching offerings and packaged them as onCOREventures, I wrote about the shift. The shift that I was referring to was the shift that takes place in the afternoon of life.  The shift to a more conscious way of being and living.  About the same time, some folks were talking about the shift to Conscious Capitalism.  The leader of that movement is John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods

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customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping to support today’s educated buyers

Customer Journey Mapping – what is it and how do you get started?

Do you have a clear, specific, comprehensive plan for turning people who‘ve never heard of you into loyal repeat clients who recommend you to their family, friends and peers?

If you don’t have your customer journey mapping completed out, you’re probably missing a lot of opportunities to attract and convert leads. There are seven stages that people tend to go through while traversing the path from stranger to repeat client, and knowing how you’ll help them navigate those stages will greatly increase the ROI on your marketing efforts

In my last blog post, I walked you through the seven stages of the customer journey, and gave you some methods for implementing each of those stages.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to turn those stages into a map that’s customized for your business and target audience, so you can attract more leads, and turn more of those leads into clients instead of losing them halfway through the journey.

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sales funnel is now customer driven journey

Sales funnel – today it is all about the customer journey

Sales Funnel – drop it: How to Convert More Leads With a Customer Journey

Did you know that the sales funnel model can actually cost you, clients?

According to the traditional sales funnel process of helping people go from being total strangers to your company to become loyal clients, people follow a set, linear path from the first contact to purchasing a product and beyond.

But in reality, the customer journey is far more complex than that, and if you don’t account for that complexity, you’ll lose a lot of leads that could have become repeat buyers.

When you have a strong, compelling customer journey established in your business, your leads and clients have a better experience, your revenue increases, and you get more reviews and a better reputation in your industry.

In this two-part blog series, I’m going to explain what steps your clients go through in the course of traversing your customer journey, as well as the methods you can use to implement those steps and map out your customer journey, so you can convert more leads and get more high-paying clients.

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