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Why You Need to Show Customer Appreciation

Fast-paced, digital lifestyles have caused customer appreciation to be a lost art. Try taking an old-school approach to help your company stand out.

Customer expectations are high in today’s world. And thanks to innovative technology, those expectations are only going to increase. Consumers want quick, mobile-optimized websites full of accurate information. They want to be able to use voice search and they want instant answers. But most importantly, consumers want to be treated with appreciation and respect. In…

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The Cost of Lead Generation

How much should you be spending to justify the cost of lead generation? How can you make sure you’re spending an appropriate amount as a small business?

Digital ad spending surpassed that of its TV counterpart in 2018. In fact, the total amount spent on digital ads was over 77 billion dollars. Yes. Billion. With that said, how can you make sure you’re spending an appropriate amount on your marketing as a small business? You don’t have the budget large corporations do.…

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Voice Search and The Opportunity for Local Businesses

Google’s search results are highly personalized and based on your geographical location. This is why focusing on your business’ local SEO is critical!

When was the last time you entered a search on Google? If you’re like most, you probably did a Google or voice search this morning. Or perhaps that’s how you found this blog. When your results came up, what did they look like? Depending on your search, Google may have provided you with a localized…

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Talking Triggers: What is Your Word of Mouth Strategy?

onCOREventures is a marketing agency located in Pittsburgh, PA. We provide small business marketing services to small businesses in the area. (word of mouth talking triggers)

If you’re in the small business world, “strategy” is a word you hear all the time. Your business has a marketing strategy. A sales strategy. A brand strategy. Don’t forget about its PR strategy. If the company is digitally savvy, perhaps a social media strategy. A blogging and editorial calendar strategy. And a web and…

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What is an On-Core Venture?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by tlife? Have you lost your purpose? Are you having trouble finding your life's meaning? What is your on-core venture?

I saw a thought provoking headline this morning. It exclaimed that suicide is at a fifty year peak in the US and that is it bringing down US life expectancy. Interestingly, yesterday I listed to a StoryBrand podcast of a similar nature. It talked about about finding meaning in life and the speakers summarized Victor…

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How Gratitude Guides Your Business

Gratitude is a word often associated with at Thanksgiving - but when we think about gratitude, we simply apply it to our personal live - but business?

Gratitude is a word often associated with this Thanksgiving week. But often times when we think about gratitude, we simply apply it to our home and personal lives. It’s not often gratitude shifts into our business brains. It’s hard to practice when thinking of finances and other business operations. It’s not something we readily talk…

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Get to Know SERP Features

SERP features are additional links to content that search engines think you might find relevant - they come in many shapes and sizes!

Digital marketing as we know it is changing every single day. If you’ve Googled anything lately, we’re sure you’ve noticed new layout features for different kinds of questions. Looking for a gluten-free café nearby? Up pops a map. Researching the best brand of headphones to buy? Up pops a carousel of images and reviews. These…

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The Consciousness Coach: The Act of Listening

Listening is key to all effective communication. Without the ability of active listening, messages are easily misunderstood.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Stephen R. Covey. If you have the capability of hearing, you use your ears almost every moment of every day. We hear background noise such as cars, dogs barking, and the breeze. Headphones make it easier than ever…

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An Introduction to SERP

Prior to 2007, Google was just a search engine. Flash forward to today and it's so much more than that. So let's dive in and get to know the SERP.

An introduction to SERP. I’ve often found myself reminiscing as of late. Back to simpler times. Prior to 2007, Google used to be the same. You typed in a phrase or name and you would get ten blue lines. Ten blue lines with the SEO title, some metadata about the page and the actual link…

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Seven Levels of Consciousness

Seven levels of consciousness - Our level of consciousness is the filter through which we view the world. How are your world views affecting your business?

The seven levels of consciousness. For the past six years, I have worked with small business owners as a marketing and business coach and consultant. In that time, I have often come back to my own point of origin. That point is understanding that one of the biggest challenges people have in building wealth through…

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