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Google Local Guide for local reviews

local reviews

Got Local Reviews? Local reviews – I just received an email from Google, because on occasion, I have written reviews for the locations that I have visited.  Google suggested that I install a widget on my iPhone – yes they know I have an iPhone.  And since I have been writing about local reviews and…

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Reputation Managment – own page one of Google

Reputation management

Page One on Google Is Your New Business Card Reputation Management – Do a search for your name, your company name, your product or service names. Whatever you find on page one on the Google first page of search engine results amounts to how your potential customers see you online. See, it doesn’t matter if your…

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Conscious Marketing – the path to More Loyal Clients

Conscious Marketing

Conscious marketing – although this week I saw it promoted as Millennial Marketing – is all about using transparency, authenticity and a spirit of cooperation to attract clients or customers that are looking for win-win relationships with your firm.  Why is the featured image that of a peaceful man meditating?  If you need to ask,…

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Conscious Capitalism – The Shift that we need to make

Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism Five years ago, when I created my coaching offerings and packaged them as onCOREventures, I wrote about the shift. The shift that I was referring to was the shift that takes place in the afternoon of life.  The shift to a more conscious way of being and living.  About the same time, some…

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Customer journey mapping to support today’s educated buyers

customer journey mapping

Customer Journey Mapping – what is it and how do you get started? Do you have a clear, specific, comprehensive plan for turning people who‘ve never heard of you into loyal repeat clients who recommend you to their family, friends and peers? If you don’t have your customer journey mapping completed out, you’re probably missing…

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Sales funnel – today it is all about the customer journey

sales funnel is now customer driven journey

Sales Funnel – drop it: How to Convert More Leads With a Customer Journey Did you know that the sales funnel model can actually cost you, clients? According to the traditional sales funnel process of helping people go from being total strangers to your company to become loyal clients, people follow a set, linear path…

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The 10 Things You Need to Know About Your Ideal Client

ideal client

Your Ideal Client One of the most fundamental aspects of your marketing, product development and business plan is knowing who your ideal client is. Without this knowledge, you won’t know how to write your content in a way that’s attractive to your clients, and you won’t be able to tailor your products or services to…

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Why you should ask for online reviews

online reviews on-core ventures

Online reviews – are you losing valuable leads? If you’ve been trying to increase your search engine rankings, get more clients, attract more referral partners, or otherwise grow your business, getting online reviews is one of the most important steps you can take. But getting those reviews can be a challenge, especially if your clients…

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Pay Per Click Advertising –

Pay per click on-core ventures

Why Do Your Pay Per Click Ads Get no Revenue? Pay Per click advertising – When your ad gets completely ignored, that’s bad. But when thaandad gets a bunch of clicks and impressions – each of which costs you money – but doesn’t get a return on investment, that’s even worse! Why does this happen,…

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