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The second half of life

Discovery Coaching - As they move into the second half of life, people often redefine what success means to them. It isn’t just about wealth, status or the respect of their peers anymore.

Now, they want to make a difference, and to live a life of significance that leaves the world better than it was when they first entered it.

They begin to leverage not just their past success, but also their failures, as stepping stones toward the impact they want to make, and they look for ways to leave a mark in their golden years.

But as they make this shift from seeking success to seeking significance, they face a significant challenge: the traditional model of retirement funding is falling apart, and retirement is becoming economically or constitutionally impractical for many baby boomers.

So how can you take the wisdom you gained in the first half of your life, and use it to define YOUR success in a way that not only makes a difference, but that creates income that will outlive you instead of you outliving your money?

discovery coaching
discovery coaching

The Shift

Today, humans are living longer than we did before, and people in the second half of life must continue to plan for the future in ways that previous generations did not.

In addition, you may be feeling an increased and often overwhelming desire to live your life in a way that’s true to who you are now, as opposed to who you were 20 or 30 years ago.

It isn’t just older people who are feeling this change. Many people are making the shift earlier than ever before – often in their twenties and thirties. The great recession has made many of us grow up faster than ever.

The shift often happens quickly and unexpectedly. Suddenly, your values and ideas about who you are and what is important are forever altered.

For some, this shift is drastic and life-changing. For others that had previously chosen to live lives that were consistent with their core identity, the shift might be less dramatic.

This change often occurs as the result of an event outside of our control, and after it happens, nothing is the same as it was before.

Regardless of the size and origin of your individual shift, it’s important to be aware of the process, and of the changes, it has brought about in your personality and approach to life.

Even if you personally do not shift dramatically, your spouse or best friends might. This might require you to change the way you relate to them, or possibly even to choose whether to continue the relationship at all. This shift will often drastically affect the precarious balancing act of relationships, career, spirituality, and physical activity.

In many ways, this time of life feels like starting over at the very beginning. You begin to see things differently, believe in new truths, and yearn to walk a different path.

You are, more than ever, tuned in to your body. You understand the need to consciously and proactively protect your health, deepen your relationships, and hone in on what your greater purpose might be.

This is when life makes it clear to you that you have a greater purpose, and now you must fulfill it.


Society, our upbringing, and the demands of our daily life often conspire to obscure our true strengths, needs, personalities, and desires.

We’re expected to function and contribute in ways that don’t match our core nature, and as a result, we spend much of our lives either focusing on the wrong activities or doing the right activities at less than our maximum capacity.

In our Discovery coaching program, we help you to see through all that and to discover who you are at your deep, unchangeable core.

This will give you the clarity you need to create an onCOREventure: a venture that’s based on your core passion, strengths and purpose, so you can live to your fullest, and make the difference you were born to make.

Core Values index
discovery coaching


Starting a new venture can take time and effort, and a certain amount of risk.

When you’re already successful in your current endeavor, and you have dependents, responsibilities, and obligations, it can be hard to just walk away. And if you don’t know exactly what is next or how to get there, you might find it hard to figure out where to begin.

But the chances are, you’ve already begun this process – you just haven’t realized it yet.

The first and most foundational step in launching your own venture is the discovery coaching process of figuring out what it is that you most want to do with your life.

In four years of working with people in this phase of life, we’ve come to believe that once you know who you really are at your core, you can live an active, purpose-filled life well into your eighties or nineties.

You also have the ability to not only make a bigger difference but also to experience far more financial success, because now you’re working in an area where you naturally excel and thrive.

That’s why we created our Discovery program: to help you get a keen understanding of your passion, purpose, and talents, and to turn them into an onCOREventure.

Are you ready to clarify your vision and live your purpose?

If you’re ready to stop losing energy, joy, and irreplaceable time by not living your true purpose, we invite you to join us in a twelve-week collaborative process that will give you a clear, specific understanding of what it will take for you to launch your new venture.

You’ll also discover which barriers are standing in your way, and what you need to do in order to overcome them and create success on your terms.

Your first step is to gain a deeper insight into your core self. We’ve made this easy for you by providing a free Core Values Index assessment, which will tell you how your unique Human Operating System works.

Just as each computer Operating System works in similar but different ways, you have your own set of needs and preferences that are inherent to your core personality. You can’t change them, but you CAN work in alignment with them – and when you do, every task and interaction will become easier.

Once you’re done the assessment, you’ll be given a short video that explains your results, as well as a free report that will give you information about why you are the way that you are.

The assessment only takes about twenty minutes to complete, and it will have a lasting impact on your next twenty years or more. If you’re ready to get started, simply click the image below to get your CVI now.