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Customer Reviews and Reputation Management

on-line reviews

Why are online customer reviews essential today?

Up to 84% of people today buy considering online customer reviews this number os dramatically higher than just last year.  Even more important - mobile customers are making buying decisions on their phone and they consider online reviews.


  • Google makes it easy for people to leave reviews and is now encouraging people to leave online reviews
  • Yelp not only encourages people to leave reviews and rates their reviewers they are sending our direct email campaigns to users encouraging them to submit reviews
  • Facebook is encouraging people to leave online customer reviews

How can increase your online customer review count?

On-Core Ventures Marketing provides the following for customer review collection:

  • A dedicated landing page to send people to in order to solicit feedback and if they are happy ask them for an online customer review
  • An email drip campaign to send to your customers to solicit feedback
  • A QR code that can be printed on a card or on the back of your business card to make review entry simple
on-line reviews
on-line reviews

How can you monitor online customer reviews?

There are literally hundreds of places on the Internet that you can be reviewed.  Controlling this is now a big part of reputation management. On-Core Ventures Reviews management customers get:

  • Alerts whenever a new review is posted on any service
  • Monitoring of reviews and reporting on a monthly basis
  • Tracking of reviews over time


  • On-Core Ventures will respond to your customer's reviews if you so desire so that there is a dialogue with your customers and you thank them for their feedback
  • We will help you suppress or have negative reviews improved

Ready to see how your fare online?

Why wait? Getting a complete summary of your online customer reviews across the Internet is as easy as entering a few pieces of information about your business and you will get an immediate report summarizing the following:

  • Issues and Overall Score
  • Reputation and overall average rating
  • On-line Reviews Volume and Distribution

We promise not to spam you or hound you by phone, but if after seeing your report you want to discuss our solutions for On-Line Reviews Management and how it can be implemented n your business we would love to schedule a follow-up meeting or Zoom conference session.  Just click the image below to get started.