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How Gratitude Guides Your Business


Gratitude is a word often associated with this Thanksgiving week. But often times when we think about gratitude, we simply apply it to our home and personal lives. It’s not often gratitude shifts into our business brains. It’s hard to practice when thinking of finances and other business operations. It’s not something we readily talk about as fundamentally important to our business. But the truth is, without gratitude, we would have no sustained growth. Short bursts of success rarely acknowledge giving thanks. But those successes are short for a reason. And they fail in time from an absence of good values at the core. Without gratitude, culture diminishes and becomes stagnated and undesirable. Innovation lulls and ceases. And followers begin to unfollow.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” ~William Arthur Ward

What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a social emotion that has the power to strengthen relationships. This is because gratitude requires us to see how we are supported and affirmed by others. Gratitude is powerful. And when it’s genuine, it has the power to help transform the emotional bankruptcy we feel when confronted with negative feedback. The challenge is to start turning feedback, which is generally negative, into gratitude.

When receiving feedback, we need three positives to outweigh the impact of one negative. Said differently, we hear and feel the negative with three times the strength that we experience the positive. And it makes sense. After all, even a small bit of criticism can often overshadow substantial praise. But the bad news is that as a culture, we tend to give 10 times more negative feedback than positive. No wonder most of us feel so drained and worried all the time. 

Why Practice Gratitude?

For our businesses and teams to thrive, we must be open to practicing and showing thankfulness. And not just during this week, but throughout the course of the year. The ability to be grateful is the key to life balance and happiness. And just as your career life can blend into your personal life, gratefulness also transcends into business. Gratitude is at the core of vital principles needed for effective personal and business growth. However, it is up to us to give it more thought and make it a practice.

Gratitude Builds Trust and Promotes Excellence

In many respects, expressing gratitude is the sister to giving feedback. Fortunately, it is easier to be grateful than to give any type of feedback. It costs us nothing, builds our own internal resilience and empowers those around us. If you feel like people on your team are lagging behind or disengaging, try reaching out and expressed gratitude for their work. Remind them of their worth. And that they are a crucial element to your valued team. Negative feedback results in lower engagement, high turnover and, quite frankly, substandard work. Gratitude builds engagement and trust, increases retention and results in higher quality work.

An Example of How Being Thankful Shaped Entrepreneurial Success

  “Before I had adopted the attitude of thankfulness in business, I was not seeing the success I wanted. This negative mindset warped the 5-year plan I had set. And I felt as if I was getting nowhere.

I started submersing myself in this culture of affirmations and gratitude. The idea of viewing failure as an opportunity and being gracious for setbacks in business was eye-opening This type of mindset was intriguing. And my intuition led me to start making this a daily habit to become more conscious of my thoughts and attitude.

This switch in having a gracious mindset plays a huge role in the success of my business today. The voice of my business has strengthened along with the way I come across on live video. Having a thankful mentality and incorporating this in my morning routine as a business owner has shaped my mindset to be more productive and positive.”

— Haley Burkhead, CEO of

Another Example of How Gratitude Inspires

According to Dr. Jodi Ashbrook, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Founder of The Yoga Movement & Co-Founder of Elevate Higher Ed, “Gratitude allows us to press pause on whatever negative chaos is surrounding us, and take a moment to simply focus on what is working, what is going well, and something as simple as breathing.

In between meetings or stressful email marathon responses, I often take 30 seconds to zone in on deep inhales and exhales including affirmations of gratefulness to release stress and recognize how grateful I truly am to be in a position where I have the power to lead and influence others in a positive way. Shifting my perspective on a regular basis to embrace gratitude through my meditation practice in challenging business situations helps me to deflect negativity when I need to find my calm, refocus, and get inspired to visualize the path ahead more clearly, and make pivotal decisions with confidence.

How to Improve Your Business: Practice Gratitude Every Single Day

 Of course, the notion of “gratitude” is reflected on this week more than any other time during the year. This Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to acknowledge and remember the proven benefits of gratitude. Put the work in and try it out on your loved ones. Remember the sparks in their eye and the joy in your heart as you tell them why you are grateful for them. Use that to inspire you to do the same to your employees. And use this holiday time to consider how to show thanks in your workplace, not just during the holiday season, but year-round.  If you want to see how this makes business sense check our the law of attraction in marketing and business

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at onCOREventures

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