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Grow your business

Now that you’ve got the foundation of your business laid, are you on track to grow your business quickly, sustainably, and in a way that fits the lifestyle you want to create? Or are you struggling to get leads, and possibly even starting to burn yourself out?

As their business begins to take shape, many business owners find themselves facing two pressing questions:

“How do I attract a steady stream of clients, so I don’t have to spend a lot of my personal time on marketing, or wonder if I’ll make enough money each month?

“And where do I find the right employees for my business, so I can get repetitive, time-consuming or specialized tasks off my plate, without having to worry about babysitting my team or finding that their work wasn’t done right?”  Both of these questions have to be answered if a business owner that asks how do you grow your business.

If you’re struggling with either of those questions, I have great news: just by being on this page, you’ve already found a team that will handle your marketing for you, so you can enjoy a consistent stream of clients while you focus on the work that you love and are good at.

If you want to get more exposure, customers, income and time freedom, here’s an overview of the features we provide in Grow your business package:


If you participated in our Launch program, you already have your foundation laid, in the form of your online brochure and Acceptable Minimum Product.

In Grow, we’ll build that foundation into a full website, marketing content, social media engagement, and a system to catch your target audience’s attention and turn them into paying customers – even if they’ve never heard of you before.

When you join our Grow program, we will:

Plan your marketing and growth:

To help you create fast, consistent growth in your business, we’ll help you to:

  • Create your initial marketing strategy – You’ll get three in-person or virtual sessions, in which we’ll help you discover what your business needs, research how to meet those needs, determine what you want to prioritize, and create a strategy to turn those goals into reality.
  • Understand your clients, message, and position – We’ll help you determine what kind of people are the most likely to buy from you, research your competition, and create a marketing message and brand positioning that your ideal clients find irresistible.
  • Design your customer journey and install your lead conversion system – We’ll develop the journey, content plan and sales process that take people from never having heard of you, to becoming repeat clients who refer other clients to you.

Plan, create and manage your marketing content:

To help you attract more customers, we’ll:

  • Develop a keyword content plan – We’ll help you create a list of key themes that will be the focus of your content and SEO, so it’s easy for your ideal clients to find you in search engines.
  • Create your editorial calendar – We’ll install the editorial content plugin on your WordPress site, or develop content topic spreadsheets for the upcoming quarter, so you’re never left staring at a blank screen when it’s time to create lead-attracting content.
  • Help you plan your lead capture content – If you want to get more email subscribers, we’ll help you create a plan for building lead capture content like eBooks.
  • Write and post four blog posts per month – These four 500-700 word blog posts will be drawn from your key content themes, posted to WordPress, and optimized for search engines.
  • Create your Marketing Kit – We’ll build a full suite of marketing materials to be used in your online and offline sales efforts.
  • Design or redesign full WordPress site – This includes design, hosting, creating core pages and content, building lead capture landing pages, setting up your blog, and performing ongoing maintenance and changes.
  • Publish 100 social media updates across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn per month – We’ll create hand-crafted posts based on your content, and use our list of industry influencers and proven engagement tactics to stimulate social media growth, activity, and engagement.
  • Email Marketing – We’ll develop a template for your monthly email newsletter and follow-up campaign (varies depending on the email service provider).
  • Create and manage your advertising plan – We’ll create a plan to get more leads through paid advertising, and manage the campaign for you. (Cost of PPC or Ad Space is paid by the client.)
  • Create a key metrics dashboard – This client dashboard will monitor growth and improvement in key indicators such as website traffic, social metrics, reviews, and keyword ranking. We’ll also monitor key conversion goals and funnels in Google Analytics.

Make it easy for your customers to find you:

Your customers are looking for you – but can they find you? To make sure they can easily discover and purchase your offerings, we’ll:

  • Claim, create and submit profiles in local business directories – We’ll make it easy for customers to find you in local business directories by claiming, creating and enhancing profiles on the sites where your customers go to look for services like yours.
  • Monitor and manage directory opportunities – We’ll continuously optimize your directory profiles and promotional campaigns that help raise your directory profiles in search engines.
  • Create and manage a referral program – We’ll create a program to get you warmer, interested leads through a steady stream of referrals.

Strengthen your reputation, influence, and credibility in your field:

We’ll help you to establish yourself as the go-to authority in your field, and to impress your new customers in a way that makes them want to tell their friends and family about you.

To do this, we’ll:

  • Create an influencer list – We’ll build lists of journalists, influencers, competition and customers, and tell you about opportunities to reach a wider audience by providing guest content and outreach for link building and PR purposes.
  • Help you get more reviews – Reviews play a huge role in your potential customers’ buying decisions. We’ll develop a process to aggressively stimulate reviews on Google and other review sites, including a review-only page on your site.
  • Create and distribute one press release per month – Drawing from your content calendar, promotional calendar and monthly news and events, we’ll create and submit monthly press releases to news distribution networks.
  • Create your new customer kit – We’ll design a suite of materials that you’ll use to orient new customers, so they’re impressed by your service and eager to refer more customers to you.

On top of all this, you’ll also receive:

  • A monthly status session – Once a month, we’ll meet with you to review all projects, report on the performance of our current strategies, and adjust the plan if needed.
  • Quarterly planning meetings – You’ll get quarterly in-person or virtual sessions to plan upcoming content themes and to adjust and add new tactics.
  • An annual marketing plan – This document will include key promotional activities that need to be performed each month, so you always know exactly what to do next in order to attract more customers and keep growing your business.
  • An exclusive invitation to our monthly webinar series – These online sessions explain the essential and ever-changing elements of marketing that you need in order to succeed, so you’re never left in the dark.

Are you ready to grow your business? Your first step is to fill out this online survey and receive a free assessment and review to see what you’re doing right, and where you need a bit of help to create the success you desire.  Click the button below to get started.

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