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onCOREventures Marketing Packages

Local Foundation

Today, local businesses need to have a foundation in place.  At onCOREventures, we work with you to formulate enough strategy to be able to get your business properly listed to increase your search exposure and get found online.  We also help you protect your online reputation. This is a quick win for brick and mortar local businesses and it establishes your relationship with our marketing agency.  Many times our customers report that their phone finally starts ringing with this offering.

Marketing Jumpstart

The onCOREventures Marketing Agency Jumpstart solution offers small business owners an evolutionary agile launch platform that is designed for a small business that wants to begin to implement their marketing strategy in a series of iterative steps that build on top of one another to grow businesses in the sub $500,000 per year range of annual gross revenue.  For most small businesses we work with we become their first cost-effective digital marketing agency.

Marketing Catalyst

For businesses above $500,000 in annual revenue that desire a catalyst to rapidly grow that business to much higher levels the onCOREventures  Catalyst Growth Package is everything that you need to increase your sales in a digital and physical world. As your marketing agency, we help you choose the correct digital marketing components and supporting physical marketing initiatives to reach your business goals along with becoming your advertising agency.

Marketing Department

Crossing the chasm of the twenty million dollar threshold takes a plan and rigorous fulfillment.  For rapidly growing companies trying to grow from ten to twenty million dollars recruiting core talent is a full-time job.  At onCOREventures,  acting as your marketing agency we will build a dedicated account team to be your virtual marketing department that understands rapid growth and knows how to handle it. This, of course, includes our ability to be your full-service digital marketing agency.

Marketing Coaching

Our small business customers sometimes want to craft their own solutions.  This is especially true for health and life coaches and encore entrepreneurs that have the time and understanding to launch their own onCOREventures.  For these customers, we provide a course to follow to reach the goal of successfully launching a new business.  If they ever need any of the services from our marketing agency we are always available to help extend the reach of the small business owner.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategy before tactics - at our onCOREventures we start with a marketing agency blueprint We believe that you need to know your ideal customer, understand why you are in business and be crystal clear on your differentiation from your competition.  Today buyers are in control of the sales process - not you - with these foundational questions answered we can help you understand your ideal marketing strategy.  We bring this clarity - strategy - implementation effort into all of our engagements.


Clarity - Planning

Our planning process begins with the creation of the strategic marketing plan. This is the roadmap for all activities to follow. We believe in strategy over tactics. After all, if you do not know where you are going, how will you ever get there? Our planning process depends on the size of the project and the size of the client's business. Typically we complete the plan for the engagement in 30 to 90 days.


Strategy Development

Using techniques from our software product development experience we develop client deliverables in quick easy to deliver bundles. This process deploys our client's strategy in iterations taken from agile development. This allows client interaction, gradual implementation and feedback and faster return on investment. Most importantly, it allows market feedback and course correction.



Having come out of the software industry where it is never finished - only uploaded to an app store, we follow the same process with our implementations. We make our customers marketing fulfillment an on-going process that we are constantly asking and answering - how can we improve our tactics given the ever changing digital world of new techniques and new algorithms.