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Virtual Integrated Marketing Department

Ready to cross the chasm?

Are you running a company that is now successful but you want to break out?  Typically companies are able to grow to two to five million dollars in revenue by sheer willpower and determination.  Then you get stuck and it looks like the dream of twenty to one hundred million in revenue is across a chasm that is impossible to cross.

It does not have to be.  But it is time to think differently and more strategically and that is where our virtual integrated marketing department offering might be the vehicle for you to get across that chasm and grow to the level that you dreamed of when you started your business.

marketing department
marketing department

Plan your marketing and growth:

To help you create fast, consistent growth in your business, we’ll help you to:

  • Create your initial marketing strategy and plan – You’ll get three in-person or virtual sessions, in which we’ll help you discover what your business needs, research how to meet those needs, determine what you want to prioritize, and create a strategy to turn those goals into reality.
  • Understand your clients, message, and position – We’ll help you determine what kind of people are the most likely to buy from you, research your competition, and create a marketing message and brand positioning that your ideal clients find irresistible.
  • Design your customer journey and install your lead conversion system – We’ll develop the journey, content plan and sales process that take people from never having heard of you, to becoming repeat clients who refer other clients to you.
  • Help you plan your lead capture content – To get you more email subscribers, we’ll help you create a plan for building lead capture content like eBooks.
  • Create Lead Capture tools – We’ll create quarterly eBooks, white paper infographics, or checklists to use in your lead capture efforts.
  • Create your Marketing Kit – We’ll build a full suite of marketing materials to be used in your online and offline sales efforts.

Plan, create and manage your marketing content:

To help you attract more customers, we’ll:

  • Develop a keyword content plan – We’ll help you create a list of key themes that will be the focus of your content and SEO, so it’s easy for your ideal clients to find you in search engines.
  • Create your editorial calendar – We’ll install the editorial content plugin on your WordPress site, or develop content topic spreadsheets for the upcoming quarter, so you’re never left staring at a blank screen when it’s time to create lead-attracting content.
  • Design or redesign full WordPress site – This includes design, hosting, creating core pages and content, building lead capture landing pages, setting up your blog, and performing ongoing maintenance and changes.
  • Write and post four blog posts per month – These four 500-700 word blog posts will be drawn from your key content themes, posted to WordPress, and optimized for search engines.
  • Publish 200 social media updates across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn per month – We’ll create hand-crafted posts based on your content, and use our list of industry influencers and proven engagement tactics to stimulate social media growth, activity, and engagement.
virtual marketing department
virtual marketing department

Strengthen your reputation, influence, and credibility in your field:

We’ll help you to establish yourself as the go-to authority in your field, and to impress your new customers in a way that makes them want to tell their friends and family about you.

To do this, we’ll:

  • Create an influencer list – We’ll build lists of journalists, influencers, competition and customers, and tell you about opportunities to reach a wider audience by providing guest content and outreach for link building and PR purposes.
  • Create and publish your business’ podcast – We’ll create and install an efficient and effective process for conducting interviews with satisfied clients, influencers in your industry, and other guests. This will establish you as an authority in your field, attract more clients to your business, and encourage your guests to send traffic to your podcasts.
  • Claim, create and submit profiles in local business directories – We’ll make it easy for customers to find you in local business directories by claiming, creating and enhancing profiles on the sites where your customers go to look for services like yours.
  • Monitor and manage directory opportunities – We’ll continuously optimize your directory profiles and promotional campaigns that help raise your directory profiles in search engines.
  • Consult on CRM and marketing automation – We’ll set up your Customer Relationship Management software and system, or integrate your existing system with the marketing plan we help you create, so we can automate tasks that would otherwise have consumed hours of your time.
  • Manage social media engagement – We’ll save you time and build your reputation by engaging with your fans and followers on your behalf, and we’ll create campaigns for increasing engagement.