marketing process

Marketing process – for startups

Having a marketing process that works for startups is essential. When we engage with new clients who want to create their On-Core venture, we start with vision discovery coaching to establish the authentic marketing core components:

  • the core values of our client
  • their purpose, passion, and gifts – which leads to
  • their sweet spot – that which they do uniquely well
  • the ideal clients who they want to work with
  • what those clients will get from working with them

Defining your marketing process and plan – A first step of growing your small business:

  1. develop your strategic marketing plan for the launch
  2. launch offering to build out the AMP – acceptable minimum product
  3. develop a cost-effective marketing approach to test the product

Once the test is successful you are ready to start growing your small business

  1. Follow the marketing process to build out the full solution and marketing basics
  2. expand offering to grow the business to its full potential

Typically our clients will use coaching for the vision discovery work and begin with coaching for step one.  Once they have  successfully tested the offering they either:

  • use online education and offline coaching from one of our coaches
  • switch to our consulting fulfillment services
  • engage another provider who might specialize in their specific vertical market to fulfill their plan

If you are interested in getting started on this discovery path, it all begins with our Core Values Index assessment – which is offered free for you so you can get to know one of our vision discovery coaches. in the review session, we will help you determine if your business idea has legs and how well suited you are, based on your experience and your core values to launch your business venture.  To get started on the Core Values Index, click the image below.

Core Values Index

Growing your Small Business – for existing businesses

When we engage with existing businesses, our marketing process with a signature brand audit to establish a budget expectation and clarify what we can do for you before you pay us anything.  Then the work effort depends on the maturity of the business and the revenue of the business. For companies of less than $500,000 in revenue, we follow the same steps with the same options as we do for startups.

Regardless of the level of your sales, we make sure that we understand your marketing objectives in the context of your overall business objectives.  We look at how we can give your salesforce the correct tools that they need – even if your sales force is just you at this point.  Before we propose tactical decisions, we make sure that we have worked with you to do a swot analysis of your existing marketing program to point out the opportunities that are in front of you right now to create an effective marketing concept for your consideration.

For companies of revenue in excess of $500,000 in revenue we follow these three steps in our marketing process:

  1. Your strategic marketing plan that identifies the marketing opportunities for the engagement
  2. Scalable efforts to build out the full solution and marketing mix of services to grow the business to 1mm – 2mm in revenue
  3. Marketing automation efforts to expand your marketing efforts to grow your business to its full potential

To determine if you are a good fit for our services we offer a free signature brand audit that will allow us to see where we might be able to offer you assistance in growing your business venture.  This no obligation review of your business is a great way to get another set of eyes looking at your business and a great way of determining if we can be a good fit for one another.