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Full-service Solutions or Ala Carte Offerings

While our solutions are bundled services, our offerings are designed to augment them or stand alone on their own. While our approach always starts with a plan we do offer an opportunity to selectively use some of our tools

Core Values Index

Many of our clients need to hire employees, we can use the CVI as a screening tool to help select the perfect employee so we put the right person in the right seat.  This assessment is powerful for relationships in the office, at home, and in evaluating subcontractors and the like.

Venture Discovery

Our roots are in coaching an awe can always use cache techniques that seek to the power that is inside of you to “know” everything that you need to know in order to be successful.  While we do not believe that works with marketing which is why we have evolved to using a collaborative approach with our clients to co-develop our solutions, discovery coaching can work when looking for a new vision for any venture – business or personal.

Website Services

Sometimes all a company can afford is to start out with a small web environment – we can structure the deployment of your web needs with a view toward the future while minimizing the impact to your budget as you grow – we believe that marketing should be proven effective and each initiative has a “job description” and a return that is provable.

Local Presence Managment

The biggest bang for your buck from any brick and mortar businesses is to get local presence and directors and reputations managed.

Our partners

In order to provide services to our clients, we use a variety of local to Pittsburgh service providers that we know, like and trust, as well as partners, form the Duct Tape Marketing network.  We can bring this expertise to our clients – either passed through us or by referral introduction to the following types of partners:

  • Copy creation for blogs and websites
  • Landing page and direct response copy creation
  • Newsletter
  • PPC campaigns
  • Printing
  • Social Media