Couples starting business

Our Ideal Client – Marketing Services

Our ideal customer is probably not looking for our services because they do not believe that they need a marketing strategy.  They provide superior service or a superior product and they think people should recognize that and thus they think it would be a waste of time to create a marketing strategy.

They know that if they could only just get in front of the right people, they could close more business, but they still think people should just find them. They got into business because they are technically proficient at their tradecraft and became a business owner out of necessity not out of desire. They naively thought that people would seek them out. They now realize that they have to grow their business because they cannot operate in a steady state.  They need to learn how to grow, but they do not know who to trust for advice.

The things that they have tried devoid of an integrated marketing strategy have not worked.  They used PPC (Pay per click campaigns) but created poor copy and sent them to their website homepage and got nothing to show for it.  Or they tried SEO to get onto page one of Google and never made it past page six.  We know how to avoid these mistakes and others just like them and we believe in using plain “non-jargon” infused language to describe it to our clients.  And we will not take a client somewhere where we know they should not go.

We created onCOREventures for honest business owners just like this – people who want to operate in harmony with their core values and want to attract people that are the right people for them to work with by telling them the truth about what they do.  But they do not know where to begin.  They have tried different service providers but do not know if the results worked or not.

The people who attend our marketing stratgey workshops and use our marketing strategy consulting services usually fit the following criteria. They are:

  • Professional-services companies with 5-100 employees; consulting, software companies, doctors, wellness professionals, dentists, lawyers, speakers, coaches
  • Got into business to provide excellent service – or create a cool new tool – or be creative – or heal – became a business owner as a result
  • Their business has grown and they realize that they have to manage it and become a business owner and that means growing it for the sake of the stability of their employees
  • Expert at the technical aspects of they do, honest, well-respected and distrustful of marketing and sales
  • Motivated to market their business, wanting a consistent flow of business
  • Want to take better advantage of the internet, social media, SEP, PPC and do not know where to begin
  • Believe in the value of referrals, but are baffled by networking events
  • Understand the need to spend TIME and MONEY on marketing but are not even sure where to begin and who to trust
  • Willing to do experiment as long as results are trackable and can be proven and repeated

Marketing Strategy development

At, onCOREventures, we help you develop a systematic marketing strategy. We hold to the Duct Tape Marketing teaching of “strategy before tactics”. Because of that your marketing dollars are spent on those efforts that will bring highest return.  We make sure your messaging and overall marketing differentiates you from your competitors to consistently draw in your best prospects.  More than that, we insist that all marketing initiatives be trackable and that the coast benefit of each investment can be tracked and evaluated.

We are dedicated to helping small businesses and professional services companies reach their desired level of business through:

  • Marketing strategy creation
  • Discovery coaching and assessment
  • Marketing consulting and coaching  including website development, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, etc.)
  • Marketing training workshops and mastermind groups

At the core we become your marketing general contractor.  Working with you, we craft the strategy and then we design the plan and find the best resources to execute the plan within your budget. Sometimes that’s us. Sometimes that’s people on your team. Sometimes it’s a service provider. Often, it’s a blend of all three!