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When I first met Frederick Geiger of OnCore Ventures through my BNI Chapter I didn’t really understand coaching. Frederick explained coaching in a way that I understood, being a way to professionally develop myself at a pace specific to my individual needs and goals. I started with an online assessment. Now, two years and a couple months down this road, my sessions are strategic business planning and experience discussion that we evaluate to further develop my skills and capabilities.

My weekly time with Frederick has made me a better person, professionally and personally. I handle conflict more appropriately, communicate better with my family and my business associates, have more confidence and courage to pursue my dreams and ambitions, and recognize my opportunities for improvement. The important thing to know about my story is this: I didn’t know this was what I needed or wanted from my coaching sessions. My positive experience is due to Frederick’s expertise and abilities. Frederick can ‘read between the lines’ and understand both my emotional personal conflicts (whether I can admit or realize them myself), understand my business more effectively than even corporate management, and provide the guidance to help me grow, learn and progress better than any college class I’ve experienced.

Because of my time with Frederick over these past two years, I’m now pursuing my dream of being a small business owner in Western Pennsylvania and my passion for insurance by opening my own independent insurance brokerage, i.e. Insurance, LLC. I wouldn’t have gotten here without Frederick, and am forever indebted to him for sharing his passion and expertise, which gave me the confidence and knowledge to take this step. I’m excited to see the direction my coaching takes as my adventure begins.

I sincerely cannot thank Frederick enough for getting me to the point I am today.

Tiffany NolanOwner I.E. InsuranceI.E. Insurance

Leaving corporate America to start my own business has been a dream come true.  However, as many entrepreneurs know, running a small business is challenging on many levels.  While growing pains are natural to any successful business, managing them properly is crucial to its continued success or failure.  Frederick first helped me clearly identify my personal strengths and weaknesses in order to maximize my potential and remove the mental blocks that held me back.  I have now been working with Frederick for over 2 years and he has helped me with staffing issues, developing affordable and effective marketing plan, and launching a new business as well.  Not only has Frederick helped me with these business initiatives, but working with him has reduced my stress level and helped me establish a work/life balance that I so desperately needed.  I can’t thank Frederick enough for the knowledge and expertise he brings to the table.

Joshua KoachOwner Boo’s Bug StoppersBoo’s Bug Stoppers

When experiencing physical illness, people don’t always consider how their career, or lack-there-of, is a factor. Frederick helped me to understand that there’s more to my overall wellbeing than food and exercise. In helping me discover my purpose outside of raising children and being a supportive wife, I have been able to make major changes in how I approach living. As a result, I have restored wellbeing and an exciting new direction.

LindsayHealth Coach

Frederick’s calm demeanor and thoughtful questions helped me over the past few sessions to refocus my purpose. His questions challenged me to ponder if my current role in my business was part of my purpose. The freedom to consider other options helped me to realize that I was exactly where I wanted to be and has helped me to continue to work at my high standards, but with perspective now. As a type A, choleric-meloncholy, my perfectionist drive can be my undoing. Perspective isn’t just the key to my success it is the key to my sense of peace and ability to continue as I pursue my dreams.Julie

JulieJewelry Retailer