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Our approach

  • When building a website we believe in strategy before tactics – we will not build a site for a client unless we complete a strategic marketing plan.
  • Customer journey (know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat , refer) – each piece of content needs to fit into one of the seven steps – this is true for websites as well as all other materials – a successful site needs to accommodate all of these
  • Design the exact use care for every page on the site – is it an online brochure, is it deigned to convert a prospect to a sale?  Is it designed inform.
  • Describe our approach for a startup – launch then grow then expand

Launch = Basic Website Design

We start with a responsive design (define) and start simple – blog, a home modern home page, and landing pages for offers, newsletter link and sign up – the components of our Launch effort – we can offer this as stand alone.

Grow = On-line Brochure Website Design

Build out the basic components of Know Like and Trust to the above we add more static content about specific products, services and staff background so that you can use your website to support your other marketing efforts – describe the components of our Build offer – as above it can be offered severally after the plan is created. We expand landing pages and blogging to lay the foundation for inbound marketing where needed.

Expand = Complete Website Design

Describe the addition of the comments in the expanded offering – we also offer the environment that we are using which includes the use of Hubspot for landing pages and our blog for our largest customers.

Questions to ask when designing a website:

Is it responsive? (yes)

If build in a CMS like WordPress – is it secured with a plugin offering or Site Lock? ours is DreamHost and malware scans and brute fore attacks are handled)

Where is it hosted and what is the response time? (ours is DreamHost and it rated as the fastest current WordPress hosting provider)

Is it speed optimized? (we use a Duct Tape Marketing partner WPfixit to optimize all of our sites after they are built)

Is there SEO built into it? (we use Yoast Premium on all sites even the starter sites an don page SEO is in the base cost)

Backup and recovery (we use updraft plus for backup and recovery)

Can you do your own updates? (yes)

Interested in taking to us: – linked to Signature brand audit.